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Assessment Options

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  • An idea of your likely points under the General Skilled Migration
  • List of possible visas for your occupation
  • The position description of your nominated occupation
  • The skills assessment authority responsible for your nominated occupation
  • Fee Estimates
  • **Please note the assessment result is an overview only and is based on the occupation and points you claimed in the assessment form. Migration Regulations can be too complex for your interpretation. For detailed and customized assessment, we recommend our Paid Comprehensive Assessment.


  • Analysis of your CV and selection of most appropriate occupation category base on your experience and duties performed.
  • A professionally conducted points test.
  • A check of your qualification against Country Education Profile Database to see comparability to Australian qualification (crucial element to determine eligibility for skilled migration).
  • Advice on minimum English test score to aim for.
  • Information on State and Regional Sponsors available for your occupation, along with their eligibility requirements, fees and processing times for sponsorship applications.
  • Analysis of eligibility with the Skills Assessment Body responsible for your nomination occupation.
  • A recommendation letter outlining visas you are eligible for under the occupation that we selected as well as fee estimates.


  • Face to face, phone or Skype consultation with our licensed Migration Agent - up to 1 hour.
  • On the spot comprehensive assessment, analysis and advice concerning your migration goals and honest opinion of prospects success.
  • Open discussion - we will address your concerns or questions.
  • Provide an estimate of cost, timeframes and key documents required.
  • Recommended for:
  • • Complex or urgent cases
  • •Those who wish to discuss their initial assessment results
  • •Any other inquiries on any other type of visas.
  • The consultation fee paid is deducted from the professional fees should you subsequently engage our services to manage your case.
  • **For Businesses seeking to sponsor foreign workers, we offer FREE consultation with our migrant agent

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